Diaper Fold

Saturday, March 27, 2010

On Thursday night I attended a workshop at my friend Dawn’s house.? Dawn is in my downline and at our last meeting I gave them a challenge to host a workshop in their home and if they did I would give them a Free stamp set their choice.? So far I have had 4 girls in my downline take me up on the offer.? If I was able to attend I told them I would.? Well everything worked out and I was able to make it to Dawn’s workshop.? This was her very first workshop and I think she did very well.

Here is one of the things we made at Dawn’s workshop:

This is called a diaper fold technique.? I will try to make a video on this next week or at least a step by step tutorial. 🙂

This makes a quick and easy treat holder for any occasion.? Stay tuned tomorrow for another workshop sample we made at Dawn’s workshop.

Have a Great Day!

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