Graduation What a Day!

? Friday, May 28, 2010

Well last night was my daughter’s High School graduation.? It is hard to believe she is already graduated and will soon be off to Michigan State in the fall.? Oh how the time flies.? You tell them time flies and they are growing up so fast and they don’t believe you, but it is so true.

?As most of you know Nikki has been ill and it has taken us a few months to figure out what was wrong with her, she lost a lot of weight and hair and was just wasting away in front of us.? After many blood test, x-rays, biopsy, and an ultra-sound we finally got some answers.? She has Celiac Disease and 17 other food allergies.? She has been doing very well lately and has actually gained 3 pounds (she lost 30 pounds).?? Well her day didn’t go so well yesterday, she had to go to a Seniors breakfast and then rehearsal for the graduation.?? At the breakfast some of the teachers gave away prizes from different drawings they had.? Well Nikki won a gift certificate to Cold Stone Creamy and when she went up front in front of her entire class (379 students) this particular teacher decided that was a good time to discuss Nikki’s thin status.? She told Nikki she wanted her to USE this certificate and EAT because you look like you need to EAT, you are so thin I don’t know what’s up with you there must be something wrong with you.? Nikki was mortified and the whole student body was silent. (Most of the kids knew about her problems and the disease), they also knew that she eats like crazy and that she is not anorexic like this teacher implied.? Needless to say she called me in tears and really upset.? ?I was extremely upset with this teacher, I mean come on she is suppose to be a role model.? If Nikki weighed 300 pounds would she have said in front of everyone, wow you don’t need this gift certificate that’s for sure you need to go on a diet, why did you let yourself get this way.?? Nikki said after the breakfast she did go to the teacher and confront her about what she had said and told her about what she has been going thru and that she had Celiac Disease, the teacher was very apologetic but I’m not sure if she learned a lesson or not.?? At Graduation the principal and the assistant principal both asked her how she was doing.? It is very hard to hear and watch your child go thru this, but it has also been a good lesson for Nikki and her friends, don’t judge others based on what you see, you do not know their story.??

You would think that would be enough drama for one day, but not.? After the breakfast and the rehearsal Nikki came home ate some lunch and headed out to the mall to buy a dress for the graduation.? Well on her way home she was at a stop sign and the guy in back of her wasn’t paying attention and he rear-ended her.? She called her dad who said call the police and she said the guy said if I call the police he is leaving.? Well my husband hopped in the car and headed over, he said if he leaves get his license plate number.? Well insurance was exchanged and other information and then they were home again.?

?Thankfully graduation went off without any incidents.? The?teacher came to the graduation with a card and again told her she was so very sorry; maybe next time she will think before she speaks.?

?Here are a couple of photos of a happier time of day:


Have a Great Day and give your kids a hug they’ll be graduating and gone before you know it!

6 thoughts on “Graduation What a Day!

  1. France says:

    OH! Boy what to say…. Well tell Nikki that I think she look great and that beautiful smile of heres, how can you see anything else? What I saw in her on the cruise was a beatiful lady with the greatess personality….. Glenda stay stong to all this and please tell her to keep that beautiful smile!
    Congrats on this big day!

  2. Julie says:

    Yes thanks for the tears! Is Nikki alright? I hope that the police did show up and that the car will be fixed before you know it.


  3. Peggy says:

    My heart goes out to Nikki and you! I cannot understand the meanness and self absorb attitudes of some folks. Hope your daughter is off on a wonderful healthy new grown up life. Good Job, Mom!

  4. Rachel says:

    Yikes -what a day! Kudos to Nikki for confronting the tactless teacher and for graduating. WOOHOO!!! Kudos to Bill for being a great Dad and rushing to his daughters side. Kudos to you for being a great mom and for sharing this story.

  5. Eryn says:

    Wow! What a crazy day! So glad that Nikki is ok after the accident….I still say call the police & report the accident, and tell them what the guy said..sheesh!

    Kudos to her for sticking up for herself to that teacher…who really shouldn’t be a teacher..not the greatest role model out there is she.

    Nikki looks beautiful and happy and that is kudos to you & your hubby!! Congrats to all of you!!!

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