We Interrupt This Blog Post for a Special Presentation

Yup- The men have sabotaged Glenda’s blog. While she and every other Stampin’ UP! Demonstrator is in Sunny Florida, we figured now is the time to make our move. Dean and I decided to show you guys some REAL Stampin’ Up! Techniques- something fresh. First of all, it’s always women doing this stuff- let’s just see what the guys have to offer.

Glenda has been focusing in on this Crinkled Chalk Ink Technique all week. We figured we better stay within the boundaries, but with our own ideas. Because we run the camera, we’re privi’ed to all of the details and now we’re going to add our own twist. She didn’t think we were watching, but we were taking our own notes, planning our attack. Ok, I’ll admit, we make a few mistakes, but it’s our first time! Besides, I think we recover from our mistakes pretty well!  Don’t worry, Glenda will be back tomorrow with another video, but let’s just take a bit of a detour today and see what we can do with this stuff.

Dean is our 15 year old son. It was not easy getting him to guest host in this special production. After heavy negotiation with his agents and making special arrangements with the actors guild, we have Dean for one day and one day only. He’s put together a very special presentation for you today featuring a Valentine’s Day card. Don’t tell the demonstrators, let them figure this stuff out for themselves- this is between you and us.

Above all- share this video. I’m sure Glenda doesn’t think we can generate any sales. But, I’m telling her if we get a few bites, we’ll be back- bigger and better! We might even start our own channel! If not, well….we’ll go back to our day jobs. If you would be so kind and just place an order for some tape, glue or paper clips- please use this hostess code:PHRMCXHK
share this video with all of your friends! Like it on Facebook! I want her to be surprised when she logs in later today. We want to get a Bzillion views!!!!! Thank you for your support.

The Boys are Back in Town!

25 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Blog Post for a Special Presentation

  1. Sandy Haynes says:

    This video made me smile the whole way through. Lucky girl that gets the special card, Dean. Great job guys.

  2. Bridget says:

    Wow guys, well done. Really made me smile!
    I can’t buy, I’m sorry to say, ‘cos I’m in the UK.
    Roll on the crafting guys!

  3. Gerri K says:

    This was the best video ever!!! I couldn’t sleep so checked my email and got this wonderful treat. Glenda is very lucky to have you guys. If I wasn’t a demonstrator myself, I would definitely order from you guys. Thanks for the smiles. 🙂

  4. Shari McElroy-Sinclair says:

    Glenda, watch over your shoulder – you have competition! The guys were awesome to do this video! I couldn’t stop smiling! They were prepared with all of the card stock already cut and gave the measurements of each piece. The hilarity moved in with the Fase Fuse – it was there I stopped smiling and broke into out loud laughter! Reminded me of my first try with Fase Fuse! Guys, it was great! Started my day off with a smile and a great attitude. Thanks!

  5. Linda Funnell says:

    You guys did a great job and really liked the card. Glenda will be proud of both of you for taking over for her.

  6. Karen says:

    You guys did an awesome job.Lucky girl that gets that handmade card.Lucky mom to have you two wonderful guys.Thanks for the great video.

  7. Shelley says:

    The boys are indeed back! Enjoyed the last time you hijacked the craftroom and camera and this time was no exception. You’re hilarious. Love it, the card and your running commentaries! Good job!

  8. MaryJo Marshall says:

    Your video was great!! Even my husband watched a little bit of it with me. I don’t think my son would have done this! Good job guys!! I hope you get lots of orders!

  9. Patty Stanley says:

    Great job guys, I think Dean needs to be “rehired” he did great job….nice card for someone special!

  10. Gail Spence says:

    I know that was painful for Dean because he had to be “encouraged” to do it, but it was wonderfully entertaining. Thanks for your efforts. Glenda is lucky to have you both! I bet she will be proud you did the video and will get a few laughs as she views it.

  11. Karol Hall says:

    Great job guys Flenda will be proud of you. Hope to see more video from the masculine side of card making.

  12. EmbeeKay says:

    Wonderful job, Guys. You brightened my day with your creative and thoughtful touches. Your mom will be so proud, Dean! What a team you make. Glad I stopped by!

  13. Char Wilson says:

    What a fun video to watch first thing this morning!! I think you should do this more often. 😉

    I couldn’t help but cringe AND crack up..when you used the Fast Fuse tape..but you DID IT!!!

    I am sure she was super proud of her guys!!

    Thanks for the big smile this morning!!!

  14. Marlane Calkins says:

    Loved the video guys! You should do a few more!
    Iaughed and felt for you Dean. Your not the only one that has fits with the fast fuse. Your card was quick and cute. Thanx for the idea. Your Mom and Wife will be so pleased.

  15. Karen Tenney says:

    WOW! What a wonderful tribute to Glenda!! You guys were awesome! If I received that card I would cherish it forever. Thanks guys for supporting your wife and mother in this way. It’s the best compliment ever. Glenda, you should (will) be proud!

  16. Mary Ann Huntington says:

    Oh my gosh, this is hilarious. I smiled through the whole thing. Glenda, you are one lucky gal. Sorry I can’t buy anything guys, I’m a Demonstrator.

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