Red Hot Swap Cards Continued!

Monday, March 11, 2013

On Saturday I showed you some of the Red Hot Stampers Swap cards from our latest swap. Today I have some more for you.






If you would like to participate in our next swap all you need to do is sign on to be a demonstrator on my team. We would love to have you join us and right now is an awesome time to sign.

You choose $156.50 worth of products and pay only $99.00 (free shipping) just pay tax for your state.

If you have some concerns about signing on I will try to answer some of your questions.

I’ve heard from some people that they don’t want to sign on when they know they aren’t going to sell to others and they don’t feel it is right to purchase the kit and get the deals.

Please, please don’t feel that way. Stampin’ Up! loves their hobby demonstrators just as much as the business minded demonstrators.

All craft and non-craft stores advertise their specials and offer discounts and coupons.

Do you feel guilty if you go to the store and use their coupon or receive a discount?
I know I don’t because they do this for a lot of different reasons and here are some of them:
– They want you to come to their store to make your craft purchases.
– They expect you to use the coupon when you come into the store or they wouldn’t bother putting them out there.
– They know that if they get you to come into their store chances are pretty good that you will be coming back.
– They know that when you do come that you will make other purchases besides what you got for your coupon or a discount.
– They know if you enjoyed the store and what they had to offer that you would tell others and invite them to come and use the discount as well.

Stampin’ Up! tells us and encourages us to Spread the Love of Stamping and Share our great products with everyone.

Now with that being said don’t you want to give us a try and use the special going on right now to get your started?

To sign all you have to do is go to my website: and click on Join the Fun; then click on Join Now. Click on the kit and then click on how you would like your catalogs and supplies, next just enter the products that you want to receive; remember you may choose anything up to $156.50 but you can’t go over.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Stamping!

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