Spring Break!

Friday, April 2, 2010

As you are reading this I am probably sleeping as I was the night time driver last night.? We are on our way to Sanibel Island, FL for Spring Break.? We have rented a condo and are all looking forward to some much needed relaxation.? We have been either to the hospital or doctor’s appointments for about the last 2 months with our daughter.? If you remember a while back I told you she has Celiac Disease, well she wasn’t getting any better so they have been running more and more test.? Everything keeps coming back normal and no sign (so they say) of Celiac Disease.? I decided to take her to the Born Clinic and have some blood work done as well as another stool sample.? We will get those results back on April 13.? We are now thinking she has high Candida (a yeast infection in the intestines) plus the low Thyroid.? She is feeling much better Gluten free so for now we are sticking to that diet.

So, since we are gone for a little over a week relaxing I am not planning on doing any stamping or videos but just hanging out with my kids in the nice warm sunshine.?? But do not worry I will be showing you blast from the past post.?? I’m sure you’ll see things you never seen before or forgot all about. 🙂


Remember this gift card holder for Easter?? I just love this little chick from the Good Egg set, I used it in my diaper fold tutorial this week.

Easter Blessing to you and your families!

One thought on “Spring Break!

  1. Cheryl says:

    My cousin and his family are staying at Sanibel Island this week, too! They are from Rockford!

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