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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Today is my oldest son’s birthday he is 22 years old today.? WOW!? I can’t believe how time flies I can remember coming home from the hospital with him and saying to my husband, “Can you believe they just sent him home with us, we have no idea what we are doing!”? I mean when you get your driver?s license you take classes practice and have to take test, you have a baby and they can’t get you out of the hospital fast enough.? They take you to the car in a wheelchair, get you in the car and wave at you as you are leaving looking at them thru the window like a deer in headlights, mouthing wait, wait, wait I have no idea what I’m doing, they laugh and say you’ll figure it out.? Well that first night we called a couple of times, he doesn’t seem full I’ve nursed him and he still seems hungry can I try to give him a bottle?? How much should I feed him, what if he acts like he’s still hungry.? LOL? I really feel sorry for the first born, he is the trial and error the Ginny pig so to speak, by the 2nd kid it is much more relaxed and laid back, get to that 3rd and 4th one and it’s no big shakes.Well I’m still cleaning out the motor home, doing wash and catching up on the bills so no stamping for?me yet.? I have to get busy because it is Big shot club on Monday and my Open House on Thursday, so this weekend is going to have to be paper and stamps flying to get some things done by next week.

So I have some more of those fabulous Convention samples to show?you:
? ?
? ?

There you go a variety of samples, some totally punches, wall decor, stencils, stamps, and Big Shot items.

Enjoy you Day!

2 thoughts on “Stampin Up! Convention Samples

  1. Julie Calkins says:

    Welcome home to your home that is! I know what you mean about the baby and leaving the hospital. Although my 3rd baby was the same as the 1st, I had no clue what to do because when I brought home Michael he was a bottle fed baby and James was nursed. Both of my boys were trail and error and the girls were no problem I can do this.

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