Try It Thursday – Reverse Joseph’s Coat?

Try It Thursday – I call this technique the Reverse Joseph’s Coat technique. Instead of having the color behind the Black card stock why not cut the colored piece and add a piece of Black card stock behind it for a reverse Joseph’s Coat.  Give it a try. If you watched my video last week Read More

Let’s Try This Again Round Two of Faux Joseph’s Coat

Let’s Try This Again!  This is round two of the Faux Joseph’s Coat Technique with Die Cuts.  If you missed yesterday’s live no worries as I had to cancel the live. My granddaughter Sophia got her ears pierced last night and she wanted Grandma to go along for moral support; well lets just say the Read More

Technique Tuesday Faux Joseph’s Coat With Die Cuts

Technique Tuesday – Faux Joseph’s Coat Technique with Die Cuts.  Today’s technique is a spin on the Joseph’s Coat technique but with Die Cuts instead of stamps and ink.  I think you get the look of the Joseph’s Coat technique when you use the negative and the positive die cuts from black card stock. Join Read More