Thank You!

Friday, September 25, 2015
Thanks so much for the birthday wishes; so very much appreciated!

I am very blessed and I thank God for all he has given to me.

Bill and I are having a nice time away on Mackinac Island. For those who are not familiar with Michigan and Mackinac Island; it is a small island where Lake Michigan and Lake Huron come together. The Mackinac Bridge connects the lower and the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Here is the bridge:
The bridge is 5 miles long and I believe it is the longest suspension bridge in the world.

Mackinac Island does not have vehicles on it only horses and bikes; the locals get around with bikes in the summer and snowmobiles in the winter.
This is a Taxi to get to the hotels and Island Tours.

We love the slow pace and relaxing atmosphere. The weather was gorgeous and the scenery as well.
Mackinac Island
This was taken from the lawn chairs in front of our hotel.

The flowers are just gorgeous:
Flowers 3
Flowers 2

I did also find a little something stashed in my luggage:
birthday card
Yup, it’s the card the boys made in the video yesterday. LOL they crack me up! I think Dean must have been practicing with the Fast Fuse because he did great this time. Neil was right he is my #1 Big Shot operator so glad to see he remember how to make the sandwich :). I guess they are learning from Mom. 🙂

Thanks again for all the comments and birthday wishes it was a very special day!

6 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Gerri K says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!! The video was great. Your boys and husband are awesome. You are a lucky lady.

  2. Mary Alice Bellis says:

    Happy Birthday Glenda,
    I have always wanted to go to Mackinac island, ever since my sister went there many years ago. Her husband had just got his pilots license, and bought a plane with a couple friends. They flew up from St. Paul, and when they approached the airport on the island the control tower advised them that it was a difficult landing, because you come in right off the water to a short runway. Then, he said that if you can land here, you can land anywhere, as this is the hardest landing you will ever do. My sister said she prayed a lot on that landing! I think I will drive, or take a ferry, or something should I ever go.

  3. Jane Trafton-Winch says:

    Happy belated Birthday Glenda. I have been following your blog for at least a year and enjoy your work. Such great inspiration for me. I visited Mackinaw Island for the first time about a week ago. So beautiful & relaxing. If I had waited a week we could have met up! Oh well. Again Happy Birthday & enjoy your day. – Jane Trafton-Winch

  4. glenda says:

    Shoot, I would have loved to meet up. We go to Mackinac Island every year; we love the peace and quiet. We actually looked at houses and a business on the island this week while we were there. It has been a dream to own a home or condo on the island and the business would be the icing on the cake. I could sell my cards in the store as well. If Dean wasn’t still in High School it might just be happening but for now I think it is still a dream.

  5. glenda says:

    Thanks Mary, We have never flown onto the island we always take the ferry’s across. If you ever get a chance to go I highly recommend it; it is our favorite place.

  6. glenda says:

    Thanks Gerri, I am very lucky to have such talented boys and husband. LOL I guess I’m just a good teacher; hahahaha!

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