The Marine Cut

Monday, June 22, 2014

We are still enjoying our time visiting with Nikki and Zach. Each week the Marines have to get their hair cut, so this week when Zach went to get his haircut he took Dean along.

Here is Dean (AKA the cameraman) before the cut:
Before the cut

Here is Nikki, myself and Dean after the cut:
after the cut

This sure reminds me of when Dean was little we always got all the boys haircuts this way. He is so handsome; what a mini marine.

I think it will take some getting used to for him but much cooler.

We then headed to the barracks so Zach could show us where he lives and all his stuff he has to carry when he goes out on a mission. He put everything on Dean so he could see how heavy it is.
Dean front

DEan and Zach

dean suited up

I think this was one of Dean’s favorite days. He has always talked about being in the military since he was two years old. He was constantly grinning.

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