The Personal Touch Makes the Difference

Well, the men of the house still have control of the blog, Glenda should be home tomorrow and things should be back to normal.  We all miss her.

Dean made a birthday card Thursday evening, which I posted on Friday.  He’s attending the birthday this evening, but he wasn’t happy with his card, so he made another.  For me, it was a bonus -we have another card for today’s post! I didn’t even have to ask or bribe him, but what could I say about it?   Two birthday cards in a row?  Is that even legal in the Stampin’ Up! blogshere?

As I looked at both of them, I wondered what he wasn’t satisfied with?  Afterall, that pixie dust thing was pretty neat!   Then it occurred to me (I’m a bit slow), the first card did not have that personal touch that Dean likes to add to things.  If you bought one of Dean’s bow makers, he signs the back of each one- it’s his personal touch, his sign of approval. I’ve watched him make these.  He does a visual check and then checks the fit of each dowel in each hole.  If anything isn’t just right, it goes into the burn barrel.

At school, Dean draws a lot of these little stick people and that’s become sort of his trademark. They remind me of those characters in the “Wimpy Kid” books.  The teachers and students all love Dean’s characters.  They especially like how he adds life to them. Not just a straight stick man, but a stick man with a personality. That’s what was missing from the previous card- that personal touch.

Seems so simple, but in today’s world, where everything is email, facebook, digital and texting, no one takes the time to write a letter anymore.  A handwritten letter sent snail mail is so much more powerful than an email.  Isn’t that  what people like about handmade cards?  They’re personal, so let’s not forget to add that personal touch.

With Stampin’ Up!, I can see where it’s easy to add a stamp for “Happy Mother’s Day,” or “Happy Birthday.”   Even on the inside, it’s easy to stamp “I Love You.”  That’s what I like about this card.  Dean used the tools to make the project, but he still added that personal trademark that his friend will recognize right away.  Your eyes go right to it.  Go back to our video on May 29, he does it again.   I told him to stamp something on the inside, but he decided to hand write the note- in cursive!  He did the same on this card, but I didn’t show it on this blog…too personal.  It was to a girl and he would die if I showed it to everyone. lol

We can still learn things from our kids, and it’s really the simple things that us adults forget to do.   Today I was reminded of something, I hope you were too.   Have a great day!



One thought on “The Personal Touch Makes the Difference

  1. Nancy Pridham says:

    I think the men of the house have done a fine job with cards and posting. Glenda should be very proud indeed!

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