A Gift Card for Easter?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Am I the only person who gives a gift card for Easter?? I had a workshop Thursday night and they made a gift card holder?using A Good Egg #114974 $23.95 stamp set and they said, “Why would you make a gift card holder for Easter?”?

I have 4 kids ranging in age from 9 – 20 so I’ve started giving the older 2 gift cards in their Easter baskets.? I feel bad not giving them anything for Easter and the littlest one has lots of questions when there isn’t 4 baskets; I mean we have 4 kids in our family, right.? I don’t know maybe I started a new tradition in some families. 🙂

Here is the little gift card holder they made:

I want to Thank Dawn Griffith for the wonderful Tutorial on the Gift Card Holder, you can find it HERE.

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