Where’s the Warm Weather?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello,? We made it to Florida safe and sound.? When we arrived it was a very nice day around 75 degrees and the boys went swimming.? We told them to enjoy it because it wouldn’t be long and the rain and cold weather would be coming. 🙁
Here is Dean enjoying the SUN as we drove to find our Hotel.

On Saturday it was suppose to be around 65 degrees with a “chance” of rain.? We thought good day to go to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure.? So we did just that and it wasn’t really a shorts kind of day, we ended up going back to the car for our coats and we purchased rain ponchos, which came in VERY handy.? Anyways the boys had fun and we pretty much made a whole day of it despite the rain and cold.

I bet the characters don’t mind wearing those suits on days like this, keeps them warm. :)? Neil and Dean were hightailing it out of Toon Town when the characters were out; they are too old and big for that sort of thing you know. :)? Well The Cat and the Hat chased them down and I took their picture. 🙂

On Sunday it was around 53 degrees and definitely not shorts weather but the sun was shining.? We moved on to our new location by the Patrick Air Force Base and settled into our new room.?

This morning it is like Home Schooling as the boys are working on their homework and I’m working on my Scrapbook for my niece.? Hopefully in the next couple of days I can post my creations for you to enjoy. 🙂

Have a Great Day!

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